Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers to all our services


Why should we choose Premier Auto Lease?

We pride ourself on offering some of the best deals out there so you should get a fantastic deal that your very happy with. We do not take any money in advance (deposits are sometimes requested for vehicles with expensive options) and our levels of service are second to none. Try us, we guarantee you won’t be dissapointed.

Will I have to pass a credit check?

Yes, you will need to be approved for finance by one of our finance partners. We work with a few finance companies in the UK so will do our very best to match your credit profile to the most suitable lender.

What if I have got a better quote from another company?

Please email the quotation you have received to and we will be happy to look at it and do our very best to beat it.

When do I need to pay my initial rental/payment?

Your initial payment/rental will be taken from your bank by direct debit 7 to 10 days after delivery.

When will my monthly rentals/payments start?

Future rentals/payments are taken monthly thereafter.

Is car insurance included in the lease?

No, insurance should be arranged at your own convenience through your usual sources.

Can I choose the colour of the vehicle I want?

Yes in most cases, it just depends on what is available at the time of application.

What kind of insurance do I need on my vehicle?

You need fully comprehensive insurance on your vehicle for the full duration of the contract, this is part of the contract with the finance company.

Do vehicles have a warranty?

Yes, all our vehicles come with full UK manufacturer’s warranty.

How many miles per annum I am allowed to do in my new car?

When you take out your contract you pre-agree your annual mileage. The mileage bands range with different manufactures. But it’s usually between 5000 all the way up to 50,000. If you exceed the pre-agreed mileage then an excess mileage charge will be payable. The figures will be provided on your quotation and official finance documentation.

What if I exceed the agreed mileage on the contract?

Any mileage over the agreed contract is charged at the excess mileage rate in pence per mile. As an example – if the excess is 4 pence per mile then for 500 miles over contract you would be charged £20.

Where would I get the vehicle serviced?

Generally at any franchised dealership, including your local dealership. All our funding providers have accounts set up with the major dealership garages, and their customer service can give you full details on nearby garages.

What is included in a maintenance contract?

All routine servicing and maintenance costs are included as well as replacement of certain fair wear and tear items. We can forward you a copy of a maintenance contract if you require further details or information

Are all the vehicles advertised brand new?

All are vehicles are brand new. They tend to be registered the day before delivery, and come with delivery mileage only.

Where does my vehicle come from?

Vehicles are provided by our main dealer partners from around the UK.

How are the vehicles delivered or do I have to collect?

All of our vehicles are delivered to either your home or work address FREE of charge, between monday and friday between 9.00 am and 5.30 pm. All vehicles are driven by trained drivers. In most cases vehicles will be delivered to you by road and will have delivery mileage when it arrives. This mileage is not counted towards your contract mileage.

Do you only supply the vehicles advertised?

No, we can supply any make or model of vehicle, but we only advertise the ones that we believe currently offer best value for money. If you can’t see the vehicle you want contact us and we will do our very best to find that vehicle and give you a quote as soon as possible.

What is the minimum term I can take the contract over?

Our leasing contracts can run anywhere from 2 to 5 years.

Will the contract include Road Fund Licence?

Yes it will.

Who is the vehicle registered to?

All leased vehicles are registered to the manufacturer for the duration of the lease.

What happens if I receive a traffic offence or parking ticket?

You are responsible for all parking tickets, fines, speeding tickets, tolls and congestion charges. You must ensure these are paid as quick as possible. If these go unpaid and the police or local authority contacts the leasing company for any payments then these will be passed on to you and an additional administration fee will become payable. So please sort any of the above out as soon as possible to avoid more charges. Please refer to your lease agreement terms & conditions for further details.

What happens if my vehicle gets the odd dent or a few stone chips?

We expect normal wear and tear such as the odd dent and a few stone chips. At the end of your contract you will have to pay for any damage that is more than just normal wear and tear.


If you are leasing a vehicle for business use then you can usually reclaim 50% of the VAT on your contract. Make sure you discuss this with your accountant if you think you may be applicable to this cost saving.

Most of the time the costliest part of buying a vehicle can be the loss of value your vehicle experiences over time. That’s why when buying a new car it makes sense to look at the depreciation prices of vehicles and try and work out how much it might be worth when you come to sell it. Of course no one can truly predict this figure, unless you have magic powers.

But when leasing a vehicle the risk associated with the depreciation is taken on by the finance company not you so you know the exact amount of what you have to pay and at the end of your contract you simply return the vehicle.

With a lease vehicle everything you pay is agreed up front from the start of your contract, there are no grey hidden areas on annual mileage or equity. This means you know exactly what the vehicle will cost you over the time you have left on your contract, which makes budgeting much easier. Other finance products, such as PCP, include the promise of equity at the end of your contract, which may or may not materialise.

When you lease a vehicle from us there is no deposit or initial rental payable until after your vehicle has been delivered to your door, typically the initial rental is taken 2-4 weeks after you receive the vehicle. This means once you’ve paid your processing fee you can sit back, relax and not worry about any charges until you’re driving your brand new car.

If you lease a car you will only pay the difference between the purchase price and the predicted value of the car at the end of the lease. With a lease you could be able to afford to drive a more expensive vehicle on the same kind of monthly budget. In you compared leasing to loan repayments on the same vehicle, your monthly payments could be less than half the price with a lease vehicle.

Technology in vehicles are improving more frequent now than ever before. There are lots of new safety features, better fuel efficiencies and also improvements to the in car entertainment systems, meaning in just a couple of years your vehicle can feel dated. When buying a car it can typically mean driving it round for quite a few years, however leasing a vehicle gives you the opportunity to have the newest model every 2 to 4 years. If you are the kind of person who gets bored with their vehicle easily, leasing can often work out the easiest and cheapest way to change vehicles often.

Newer vehicles tend to experience less problems, but if a problem were to arise it would usually be covered under warranty. Also a bonus new cars don’t need a MOT until the vehicle has been on the road for 3 years, so most lease contracts will avoid that expense too. Another thing to worry about is Vehicle Excise Duty, this is always included within your contract so you won’t have to fork out extra each year for that either.

Most PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) deals and similar finance products require 10%-30% as a deposit making the initial payment particularly painful for your bank balance. With a lease you can drive away a brand new vehicle from as little as 3 monthly rental payments as your initial charge.